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We want to help you educate your clients to recognize their dogs' joint pain. That's why we've designed these handy tools for you to download and use in your clinic.

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Waiting room OA poster

Hang this colorful poster in your clinic to highlight the signs of OA for pet owners. Poster size is 20” x 16”.

Pet owner brochure

Place this display in a public area and use as a one-stop guide for pet owners to learn more about the signs of OA. Folded brochure is 4" X 8.5".

Yard signs

Eye-catching signs get pet owners thinking about OA and asking questions about its diagnosis and treatment. Each yard sign is approximately 14” x 24”.

OA exam room wall cling

Place this in an exam room for easy reference when you’re explaining OA to a pet owner. Cling size is 20” x 20”.

Staff buttons

Thought-provoking buttons for clinic staff are an OA conversation starter with clients. Button size is 2.25” in diameter.

Client-facing window cling

Perfect for anywhere in your clinic, including exam rooms, office windows, or the wall of your waiting area. Cling size is 12” x 10.75”.

OA scorecard tear pad

A handy checklist for pet owners to use at home when they suspect their pet might be in pain—and it refers them to you for an OA exam. Tear pad size is 5.5” x 8.5”.

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